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Things I learned playing dominoes with my family

Things I learned playing dominoes with my family

1.  Define the rules in the beginning before you start. Otherwise everyone’s presumptions will be different, and no one wants to see Dad and Mom argue over who’s right.
2.  It’s not fair to look at other peoples dominoes.
3.  Patience is a virtue.

4.  Don’t take funny pictures with dominoes in your mouth that look like teeth then let your wife post it to Facebook.

5.  Know your strategy for winning.

6.  Competition is good. Until your wife throws a root-beer bottle at you and hits you in the head and then you spray water at her.

7.  When the littles get tired the game’s over.

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Yes there are some good take a ways in the previous list but the biggest take away is this: Take time for your Family. Days are short don’t let them slip by without a fight.