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How are you Playing?


Recently I attended one of my nephew’s pewee hockey game, they were struggling to keep up with the opposing team that they had beaten night before.  I had to stand and watch the game because I was getting a little excited about how they were not in the game, “once a hockey player always a hockey player”.  As I stood in the moment of watching that game I was reminded of a mind set most people get into when the game of life starts heading in the wrong direction.

 “Are you playing to win or are you playing not to lose”?

The out come of that statement can be the same thing, but it’s the mind set that makes the difference. When we play to win we think in a way that is totally different then when we play not to lose.

Playing to win is an active response to our situation.

Playing not to lose is a passive response to our situation.

Activity takes a few ideas to process.
1. Recognition of the choices we are or are not making.  That’s whats interesting about activity verses passivity they are both choices if you like it or not.
2. Using your God given ability to make a new choice in how you will respond to the situation. That is one thing that separates us from the animals is we don’t live on instinct, but rather by choice.

My encouragement for the day is take an active role in your life.  Stop playing the game not to lose and start playing to win.  Oh and by the way, my nephew’s team came out in the 3rd period ready to play to win and almost tied the game in the last few seconds.  How are u playing?

The Bunt

The Bunt

Most people go through life bunting.  Never willing to take the risk to swing the bat.  Unfortunately life is a risk.  A calculated risk.  We can do all the research, all the training, but at some point we have to swing.  Preparedness is a key to success, but without action you are just wasting air.

My encouragement toady is: Get out there, step out!  What’s the worst that could happen you swing and miss?  Dust off and go again.  Failure is never final unless you let it.  Most men are measured by how high they bonce after hitting bottom.

You can do it! Today is your VICTORY DAY!!!

Brad Burdette Victory & Co.